246 Years ago the cult of He Who Waits was given a gift of a warforged. At first they did not know exactly what to do with a warforged so they used it for menial labor. Cleaning up the cave that they lived in and creating new rooms. Over the next 121 years the cult grew to over 1200 followers and the warforged had created a small city under the mountain they lived in. Soon the cult was running out of money since they had no resources to sell. So they put the warforged to work mining gold and precious gems. The warforged would go into the mountain and gather resources for 2 weeks then return to deliver all of its goods. For 20 years it spent every day working in the caves in the mountain. Upon the final return of the warforged with the resources it had collected, the current leader of the cult decided to try an experiment to see if he could finally release the great Tharizdun.

Over the next 92 years the leader and his successor tried many experiments on the warforged. Finally they tried to transfer the essence of a vampire into the warforged. They captured a vampire and sacrificed her atop of the warforged letting her blood fill the internal network of tubes that lubricate and feed the warforged system. At first they thought it was a success. It was not until the following year that they learned the vampire blood was fighting back. The warforged went into a coma for a day and when it revived, they found that the warforged had developed Tourette's. Shortly after that they tried to release the great lord. In doing so they almost destroyed a portion of the Demiplane of Imprisonment.

For their failure to release the great lord, Tharizdun reached out and destroyed the cult and all of its followers in moments. For 10 years the warforge waited alone for someone to return. During this time the warforge thought about its existence and what it wanted.  After a time it decided it wanted to be female and took the name Asharon (Ash-a-ron). She then went out into the world to learn all that she could about the land and the inhabitants. She started crafting parts for herself to feel more feminine.

Sitting in bars, she would sit and listen to what men would say they wanted in a woman. She sculpted enormous breasts for herself. Then she created, what she thought were, full luscious lips. When she heard that a woman should have a gap between her thighs she chiseled one out. Upon finding out that women should have small waists; she decided that it would be her next step improving herself. It was then that she came across Siracha, and decided that she could show her how to be a real woman.

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