Catching up on time.

Hey guys,


I know it's been a while since we've posted on the website, or updated the podcasts but I'm happy to say I'm back from Chicago and getting busy on Logic! This week we bring you episodes 9-12. Whew that's a lot of D&D! You'll meet our newest member Nastya, hear us get into some shit, (ok you'll hear Blam get everyone else into some shit), some funny jokes and all the good humor you've come to enjoy. So sit back, relay, hit play and hold onto your sides. 



Wow... We really did it.

Well, here we are. I pulled the trigger and bought the domains for our website & email hosting. I never thought I'd actually go through it, but things have seemed to progress pretty smoothly the last few nights. I spent last night with Troytle playing Settlers of Catan & we recorded some voice track stuff for the podcast. I'm 95% done with the first 2 episodes, just need to add in the stuff we recorded last night. It's a good feeling. The website at this point is inaccessible as we do not have much content on it, but everyone is writing their character bio's, and I'm working on the podcast, and Tessa spent some time today drawing some character sketches that I'll upload soon. I'm running out of stuff to say.

I hope you all enjoy what we are doing here. It started from a small joke of an idea one night, but festered inside Troytle and I for many months. We tried another incarnation of it that failed and I never thought we'd get to this point, but it's just the first step. We're gonna take this mother by the horns & give her a good go! Hope you're ready!