Blam Poke Holes!!!!


Blam Boxcrusher is a...well... a well endowed Minotaur Fighter. What Blam lacks in Intelligence and length of his kilt, he makes up for in Strength, and well, his alternate equipment.  Blam and Morthos have been traveling companions for many years. Blam likes to think of himself as Mortho's body guard, crowd control, and the one guaranteed laugh at every joke. 

Blam left his family around the age of 30 after his mom told him he needed to get a job, or find his own place to live. With no skills in life besides manual labor for his father, a stone mason, he set off on his own to travel and see the world. Growing up as a kid he spent most of his days in the nearby forests creating elaborate games of tracking animals, and trying to find his exact path back to where he started. He always fantasied about meeting an Owl Bear in the woods and tracking him back to his den.

One day after making some money moving some stones for a small town, a flyer for a comedy show at the local elementary school was caught in the wind & covered his face. He took his copper piece and headed to the show. Once there, he and the local elementary students watched Morthos Pri's set. Blam was mesmerized, the local youth on the other hand were not. Blam approached Morthos after the show, and the two have been inseparable since. 


Blam on

Quick Guide

Height: 7'5"

Weight: 355

Speed: 30 feet, 25 in armor


Heavy War Pick 1d12

Battle Axe 1d10

Rock Cock 1d8

Low Rollers 1d4 each