Morthos Pri

Morthos Pri grew up in the slums of Baldur's Gate, his family having been affected by a magical artifact that left the wealthy merchants destitute.Wanting to make a name for himself, he decided to learn magic and become a great wizard... He couldn't cast for shit, so having wasted most of his money on an wizard academy education,he spent the last of his gold on some ale at a cheap dwarven pub.

There he saw a bard performing, the famous Bernard Grimaxe, and he was killing the crowd with his humor rather than his halberd. Morthos tried his hand, first emulating the comic's style, and failing miserably. After time, Morthos began to infuse Grimaxe's crude style with his own personal experiences. Slowly, his act became less and less about culture, and more and more about growing up in the City.

He toured small locales, villages and towns, making modest amounts of money.

During his first tour, he met the bold minotaur Blam Boxcrusher.

Morthos found Blam's blunt, upfront candor hilarious, and has toured with him as his bodyguard ever since. They ended up dropping out of Bard Comedic Community College before continued traveling the land in pursuit of the perfect gig. 

Relatively unknown in this part of the land, Morthos continues to tour, and when he can't book a show, he offers his expertise as an adventurer. . 

In his travels he hopes to reclaim some status for himself, and retire with some of his family's wealth restored.

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