Is a 27 year old human who was rescued by the Sirko family as an infant. Her mother, Zlatna, was only 14 when she found Nastya discarded in a small row boat. Nastya was begrudgingly accepted by the rest of the family and from the age of three was taught to perform in their traveling circus. Nastya grew to be an average performer appreciated more for her grey eyes, red hair and feminine endowments than her skills as a tightrope walker or fire dancer. 

Zlatna discovered an inherent ability within Nastya for magic as a child and fostered her growth and skills by encouraging her to spend time with the patriarch and ringmaster of the family, Demyan. Nastya's unfortunate lack of sensibility and dim witted peppy-ness was a constant frustration for Demyan, which resulted Nastya being treated poorly by most of the family. 

Despite the teasing, and downright ill treatment, Nastya has remained dedicated and grateful to her adoptive circus family. She cares for, and fiercely protects, while wearing a simple smile, all of her siblings, aunts, uncles, grannies, grampies, nieces, nephews, cousins, mother and father. 

Nastya is particularly protective of Zlatna who discovered her abilities with magic and saved her from death as an infant. Recently Zlatna has become frail. It is a common fate for women in the Sirko family. 17 children in 27 years and the life of a lion tamer has taken it's hold of Zlatna. No amount of pleasing from Nastya could change Demyan's mind. He left her at the family's home base and commanded Nastya to carry on with the circus. Even a show as poorly performed as Nastya's must go on. 

Since leaving Zlatna behind, a huge sense of ennui has taken over Nastya. She would do anything to know that Zlatna is safe. 

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