Our main players

Meet our Characters real life players who are currently in the game.

Josh's finger spinner

Josue, Morthos Pri

Josh has been playing D&D for longer then I have know him. He is an avid gamer. That's pretty much all I know about that asshole. 


Becky, Sirracha

This is Becky's first real campaign. She is the beloved girlfriend of the Dungeon Master. She picks things up real quick as you will be able to tell over the first few podcast sessions. 


Mike loves Twinkie's

Mike, Asheron

Mike is the DM in our other game. He hates 4th Edition, but loves to play women and cuss in this game, so he deals with it. 


Tessa, Nastya

Artist extrordinaire. Beloved girlfriend of the Dick Jokes. Not a tinkle giant.