Hey guys just wanted to give you an update. All of the podcasts that are currently edited are up on the website and will be on iTunes/Stitcher tomorrow. It's been busy at work so we've fallen a little behind. With Blam in Chicago for the next 6 week we'll be taking time off from DNDJ but have no fear, all of Season 1 is recorded and awaiting editing and there may be some supplemental podcasts in the meantime. So enjoy & send us any feedback & invite your friends to listen!



We're Live!!!!

So we went live last night! Woooooooo! With that being said, we uploaded the first two podcast episodes to the rss feed. You can get us currently at the providers who have currently approved us.

  1. doubleTwist
  2. ZuneMarketplace

iTunes are not playing ball. I'm working on that. 

We're working still on artwork & updating bio's stick with us.


Hope you all enjoy & keep your fingers crossed for our iTunes submission.


Good weekend

Hey all, PDXRex here. We got another good weekend in so far. Had a good session last night with everyone able to join. Today Tessa & I went to Troytle's & worked on some artwork, finalized some of the audio podcasts so they don't sound like garbage, and dyed Becky's hair. Not a bad weekend if I say so myself. By the time you are reading this, we should have gone live about a week ago. Hope you all enjoy!


Memorial Day weekend work

It's Memorial Day weekend 2014. I've finalized episode 2 & am working on episode 3. Troytle is in The Gorge at Sasquatch having a good time I assume. Tomorrow I'm off to a wedding & Sunday I'm taking Becky & Tessa to my Uncle's Ranch in Eastern Oregon for a quick get away before our busy season at work begins. Hopefully I'll have episode 3 up, Sriracha's bio, & some sketches for the website from Tessa while we drive the 12 hour roundtrip. I'll be testing the podcast audio on the way over to make sure it's decent for you guys. You'll need to bear with me, as my bio says I'm not a profession at Garageband, but I'm working on it.